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Getting an agenda for next meeting…

October 6, 2009

So it looks like we have a good session lined up next week, in that there is one interesting informal talk (Katie) and quite a few people who are chewing over their methods for their DA.
Katie’s description of what she might talk about follows.

Anyone else who wants to take the opportunity to have to explain their methodology / method / design to a sympathetic audience?
That’s for Wed 14 October  2-3:30pm, building 3 (Bon Marche), level 2, room 210

Katie’s thing:
I would be happy to talk about methodolgy from the ‘other’ side – at the point of analysis, and trying to frame work….  I have just spent a couple of months reading and post-rationalising my methodology after my return from a year of fieldwork…

For those that don’t know about my work – I spent a year in Milan following 3 groups of undocumented migrants, essentially completing 3 microgeographic studies. I used qualitative methodologies, adapted from ethnography, including participant observation + long, unstructured interviews, as well as media analysis. Dealing with migrants without visas in an increasingly racist climate came with its own ethical difficulties – not least the high level of observation that the groups were under by other researchers and journalists.

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